Name : Mainul Islam

Address : Cox's Bazar

Personal Information

Name Designation Permanent Address Religion Blood Group
Mainul Islam Lecturer Vill: Islamabad, Po: Hadua Th: Nolchity Dis: Jalokathi Islam B+


Mainul Islam is a lecturer at the Department of English in Cox’s Bazar International University (CBIU). He has received B.A. Hon’s in English language & literature in 2013 and M.A. in English language & literature in 2014 from Comilla University. He has completed an obligatory research report at Post-Graduate Programme in the field of ELT on Content-Based Instruction (CBI) in Bangladeshi undergraduate classroom: Prospects & Problems. He has another ongoing research project on Sea-Beach Culture in Bangladesh: Especially in Cox’s Bazar under the field of literature in accordance with the view of cultural studies. In this very moment he is dealing with lecture on several courses including Fundamentals of Linguistics, Ancient Greek and Roman Classics in English Translation, Shakespeare: Tragedies and Histories, History of Western Ideas: From Reformation to the 19th Century, The Restoration & the Eighteenth-Century Literature: Poetry and Drama at the Department of English in Cox’s Bazar International University (CBIU).

Educational Qualification

Sl. No. Institute Name Name of The Degree Country
1 Comilla University MA in English (Language & literature) Bangladesh
2 Comilla University BA (Hons) in English (Language & literature) Bangladesh

Research interest

Research Area Content Based Instruction In Bangladeshi Under Graduate Class Room: Prospects and Problems