Cox’s Bazar International University emerged as one of the nation’s preeminent ITC-based universities in Bangladesh. The university will be widely recognized for the quality of its undergraduate and postgraduate educational programs, the effectiveness of its research and outreach programs, and the broad access to the university provided through the innovative use of information technology. The university will ensure the quality of its programs through careful utilization of its resources in institutional strengths. One constant effort is to keep the ‘CBIU Soul’ intact.

The mission of Cox’s Bazar International University is to prepare well educated, technologically proficient, and highly productive citizens to attain meaningful careers, to enjoy enriched lives, and to make contributions to the nation. CBIU is achieving its mission by providing:

  • An excellent student-centered learning environment
  • Professionally accomplished faculty who are strongly committed to student learning
  • High-quality integrated, interdependent programs that build upon the country’s assets and offer a broad range of choices
  • Exceptional student support services, resources, and facilities
  • To stimulate the search for knowledge
  • To encourage inquiry and conversation across the traditional academic disciplines
  • To promote opportunity for students to develop as independent thinkers and leaders

To foster a campus community characterized by compassion, respect, ethical concern, and social responsibility.

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