Message from the Chairman (Head)

Welcome to the Department of Law of Cox’s Bazar International University.

CBIU Department of Law is comparatively young. In common law countries ,in most cases, because law as a discipline has its own distinctive features, needing separate treatment, it is taught in separate schools or faculties which have grown as distinct institutions within the broader framework of the university. The Department of Law at CBIU offers bachelors degree in Law. The principal aim of the Department is to provide high quality education at undergraduate levels relevant to the needs of a dynamic society. The academic goal of the department is not just to make the student pass the examination and get the degree but to equip them with the mean to become productive members of the community and to continue the practice of life-long learning.

The Department of Law offers four- year LL.B Honours and syllabus is endorsed by the Bar Council of Bangladesh, for otherwise our students would not be allowed to sit for Bar Council examination which the law graduates require to pass to qualify to become lawyer.
CBIU Department of Law offers some unique opportunities which in many respects are lacking in other universities. Its curriculum has new addition; teaching methodology is more practice oriented and clinical in nature. The curriculum encourages students to sharpen their analytical, logical and practical skills, placing a balanced emphasis on qualitative and quantitative approaches. Introduction of compulsory submission of assignment by the students in every semester are some other innovation of the curriculum.

The Department of Law has well skilled, experienced and devoted faculty members. Most of the faculty members have envious higher degrees from reputed universities at home and abroad with long experience of teaching at universities. The Department of Law has also been hiring renowned judges and lawyers from court premise to teach real-life cases to students. The teacher are academically very sound and dedicated to their profession-teaching and research. They are contributing regularly in different national and international journals.

The Department of Law would continue to contribute towards the advancement of Legal education and present the nation new generation of professionals in the judiciary as well as in other sectors of national life.

All the best,

Abu Shofiun Mohammad Taj Uddin

Assistant Professor & Chairman

Department of Law

Cox’s Bazar International University

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