Department of Law

Introduction to Program

Department of Law is a proven institution catering legal education since 2014. It is the regional hub for legal education. Since its inception, the Law Department has been a leader creating legal scholar, advocates, political leaders, policy makers and trend setter in all walks of life. The passionate legal experts as faculty members, multicultural environment and its location in one of the most important place, just beside the bay of Bengal attracts the brilliant students from entire Southeastern part of Bangladesh.
The Department however is not only just learning the letter of the law. Its focus is on increasing the students’ ability to analyze laws, develop argument, strong communication skills, work as a team, and learn independently.
Currently it offers
The Department welcomes all the prospective law students and legal scholars in its future endeavors.

Brief History

The LL.B (Honours), four Years program, is a regular program of Cox’s Bazar InternationalUniversity. This program has been carrying out its academic actions since 2014. As a Government and UGC recognized private university, this institution is free to set itsown curriculum, methods of procedure and syllabus for the different program of the Faculty of Law. The LL.B (Honours) program curriculum is designed according to the direction of the UGC, Bangladesh which maintain international standards. This program has beenstructured in eight (8) semesters, in which each academic year consists of two (2) semesters. The duration of each semester is 24 weeks, whereas 126 credit hours are reserved for the whole program.All the academic semesters begin in January and July of each year.

Vision Statement

The Department of Law is envisioned a complete development of each law students including in them a commitment of justice and sense of responsibility to the mankind.

Mission of The Program

The mission of the LL.B (Honor's) program at Cox’s Bazar International University is to provide quality theoretical and practical education for future social engineers with a solid foundation in national and International Law. The program also aims to build strong capability of legal research and writing skills among students , allowing their own professional desires and interest for making them skilled and knowledgeable professionals to serve the people and nature.

Program Learning Outcomes

a) To make students eligible to practice in Courts, Industries, Companies as Legal Practioner.
b) To develop Leadership qualities amongst students.
c) To enable students to see how the law operates in its social context.
d) To understand and apply principles of professional ethics of Legal Profession.
e) To possess professional skills required for legal practice such as Argument, Pleading, Drafting, Conveyancing etc.
f) To promote community welfare.
g) To interpret and analyze the legal and social problems.
h) To provide a sound knowledge and detailed understanding about procedures of Legal System of Bangladesh.
I) Every Graduate will become skilled in written and oral communication, advocacy and problem solving.

Admission Requirements

Candidates having a total of minimum 4 points (3 points for 1st Division, 2 points for 2nd Division and 1 point for 3rd Division) in SSC and HSC or other equivalent examinations or an average GPA 2.5 in SSC and HSC or other equivalent examinations are eligible to apply for the LL.B (Honours) 4-Year Program. But in case of GPA 2.0 in any of the above mentioned examinations, the aggregate GPA must be a minimum of 6.0. For the children of the Freedom Fighters a minimum score of GPA 5.0 must be secured aggregately in SSC and HSC or any other public examinations.

Grading System and Performance Evaluation

The total performance of a student in a given course is based on a scheme of continuous assessment. For theory courses this continuous assessment is made through Attendance, Class Tests and Assignments. This assessment is also made through Mid-term Examination and Semester Final Examination. The total marks distribution is as follows:

Mid-term Examination 20%
Assignment 10%
Class Tests 10%
Attendance & Behavior 10%
Viva 10%
Final Examination 40%

Grading System

Numerical Grade Letter Grade Grade Point
80% and above A+ (A Plus) 4.00
75% to less than 80% A (A Regular) 3.75
70% to less than 75% A- ( A Minus) 3.50
65% to less than 70% B+ (B Plus) 3.25
60% to less than 65% B (B Regular) 3.00
55% to less than 60% B- (B Minus) 2.75
50% to less than 55% C+ (C Plus) 2.50
45% to less than 50% C (C Regular) 2.25
40% to less than 45% D 2.00
less than 40% F 0.00