Diploma in Library & Information Science

1st Semester

Course Name Course Code Course ID
Fundamentals of Library and Information Science LIS1101 1101
Computing Fundamentals LIS1102 1102
Information Sources and Services LIS1103 1103
Information Resource Development LIS1104 1104
Organization of Knowledge (Classification Theory) LIS1105 1105
Organization of Knowledge (Cataloguing Theory) LIS1106 1106

2nd Semester

Course Name Course Code Course ID
Records and Archives Management LIS1207 1207
IT Application in Libraries & Information Institutions LIS1208 1208
Management of Libraries and Information Institutions LIS1209 1209
Documentation, Indexing and Abstracting LIS1210 1210
Organization of Knowledge (Classification Practical) LIS1211 1211
Organization of Knowledge (Cataloguing Practical) LIS1212 1212
Internship and Viva-Voce LIS1213 1213