Bachelor of Business Administration Course List

1st Semester

Subjects Code
English Foundation I ENG1101
Introduction to Business BUS 1101
Introduction to Computer System CSE 1105
Business Communication BUS 1102
History of emergence of Bangladesh BNG 1101

2nd Semester

Subjects Code
Principles of Accounting ACC 1201
Bengali Language and Literature BNG 1202
Principles of Marketing MKT1201
Principles of Management MGT1201
Business Finance FIN 1201

3rd Semester

Subjects Code
Financial Accounting ACC 2302
Entrepreneurship Development BUS 2306
Marketing Management MKT 2302
Business Mathematics BUS 2303
Micro Economics ECO 2301

4th Semester

Subjects Code
Human Resource Management HRM 2401
Business Statistics STAT 2401
Introduction to Banking BUS 2407
Business Law BUS 2408
Macro Economics ECO 2402

5th Semester

Subjects Code
Organizational Behavior BUS 3509
Financial Management FIN 3502
Theory and Practice of Insurance BUS 3510
Operation Research BUS 3511
International Business BUS 3512

6th Semester

Subjects Code
Project Management MGT 3602
Taxation Law and Practice BUS 3613
Research Methodology BUS 3614
Dimension of Tourism HTM 1102
Consumer Behavior MKT 3603

7th Semester (Major in Finance)

Subjects Code
Portfolio Management FIN 4703
Working Capital Management FIN 4704
Bank Fund Management FIN 4705
Corporate Risk Management FIN 4706
Corporate Finance FIN 4707

8th Semester (Major in Finance)

Subjects Code
Investment Analysis FIN 4808
International Trade Finance FIN 4809
Financial Institutions and Markets FIN 4810
Strategic Management MGT4803

7th Semester (Major in HRM)

Subjects Code
Compensation and Benefits Management HRM 4702
Industrial Relations and Collective Bargaining HRM 4703
Strategic Human Resource Management HRM 4704
Supply Chain Management HRM 4705
Total Quality Management HRM 4706

8th Semester (Major in HRM)

Subjects Code
International Human Resource Management HRM 4807
Conflict and Dispute Resolution HRM 4808
Career and Talent Management HRM 4809
SStrategic Management MGT4803