Massage of the Head, Department of Library and Information Science

Mohammed Nazem Uddin Shiddiquie

Head of the Department of Library and Information Science

Cox’s Bazar International University

Welcome to the Department of Library and Information Science, in Cox’s Bazar International University. The one and only established UGC & Govt. approved Private University, at Cox’s Bazar. This is the place for higher Education. Access to information has enhanced development in society at large. So important to provide all people working in libraries and other information management centers with knowledge and skills to collect, organize, store, retrieve and disseminate information. To ensure proper organization and dissemination of information in all institutions for their proper functioning Information Manager is must. Through a carefully designed program of studies that build essential information skills through a series of required technical courses and hands-on practice you become wider your subject background and develop your communication and computer ski8lls through additional general studies and computer courses. The mission of this program is to produce quality graduates in information management prepared for a life of purpose, capable of applying technology so solve both the present and future information needs in the society.

Career Opportunities:
 Public libraries and regional library services
 Libraries and resource centers serving colleges, universities, elementary
and secondary schools and school boards
 Special libraries, such as those found in law offices, hospitals,
corporations and government departments and agencies
 Bibliographic utilities, online and library system vendors and electronic
 The information services industry
 Cultural and non-profit organizations

 Experienced and highly trained fulltime faculty members
 Specious library with rich collections of books and journals
 Computer lab with high speed internet facilities
 Available practical materials for the student of PGDLIS
 Central A/C and multimedia classroom
 Career development centre
 Daylong seminar and workshop program.

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