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With the rapid expansion of the technology sector over the last few decades, the demand for those who can create, understand and alter electrical control systems has risen accordingly all over the world. So, it is obvious that students have their dreams to be professional in this wonderful sector. We here in EEE department of Cox’s Bazar International University are wholehearted for these students who would like to see their dreams come to the reality.

The prime objective of Electrical & Electronic Engineering department is to offer high quality education at undergraduate in coherence with the needs of the society of the 21st century. The aim of the University is not only just to go through the examination, but to train them to become productive members of the society.

The Department has a good number of full-time faculty members with best available exposures to ever-growing horizon of Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Besides, a number of part-time faculties from other well-reputed universities also teach in each semester, and students have the opportunity to visit Research Organizations and Industrial Establishments for attaining experienced-rich education. The courses are designed to enable the learners to enter into the fundamental skills needed to become a Electrical Engineer.

For Practical understanding the department has already developed its own laboratories in such areas as Electrical Circuits, Electronics, Digital Electronics, Electrical Machines, Control Systems, Telecommunications, Switchgear and Protection, Power Systems, Microwave Engineering, Microprocessors, VLSI Design and Digital Signal Processing.
To develop the B.Sc in EEE program providing excellence in the field of Electrical & Electronic Engineering through outstanding education and research to advance a climate of innovation and engagement for the betterment of humanity.  
The mission of B.Sc in EEE program is to build its graduates with knowledge, skill, attitudes, commitment to professional and societal responsibilities and ethos, by developing the ability of self-motivation and critical thinking, for diverse and competitive career path
Program Educational Objectives:
1. Graduates will successfully engage in careers in EEE appropriate to their background, interest and skills.

2. Graduates will engage in continuous learning and professional development in engineering and other professional fields.

3 Graduates will develop as technical leaders in their chosen profession and contribute to the technical growth.

Ripon Kanti Paul
MS in EEE (CUET), B.Sc in EEE (CUET)
Field of Interest:  Review of Power Sector Reform in Bangladesh & Scope of Renewable Energy, Nuclear Energy & Cross Border Trade.  

Course Co-ordinator 

Department of EEE

Cox’s Bazar International University

Under development.

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