Bringing all CBIU business students to provide academic, professional, and social opportunities and educate them to be the future leader of business world.

Oath of Office

I do hereby solemnly pledge myself faithfully to discharge the duties of my office. I give my pledge I will do everything in my power to up hold the Constitution and to promote the general welfare of the CBIU Business Club of Cox’s Bazar International University.


1. Co-educational professional business fraternity.

2. Act as ambassadors for the Faculty of Business Administration of CBIU.

3. Dedicated to the personal development of its members.

4. Provides community service and social events.

5. Opportunities to gain experience in business world.

6. An environment where members decide what they gain.

7. A community of students who value leadership, academic excellence, and are pursuing a management or related concentration.

8. Develops and strengthens students’ leadership skills and abilities through active membership involvement.

9. Provides opportunities for networking with other members, faculty, community members, and business professionals.

10. Empower students for the business world by providing insight from various perspectives and industries.

11. Create valuable connections and serving the community through guest presentations, social events, and volunteering.

12. Encourages involvement in student activities and the community

13. Assists students with building professional resumes, preparing for job interviews, locating jobs.

14. Enhances understanding of different industries and promotes contact with professionals.

15. Promotes student research and networking.

16. Prepares students with skills for a career in business world.

Sazzadur Rahman Morad

Hi! I am Sazzadur Rahman Morad, a web developer and graphic designer living in Chittagong, Bangladesh. I spend my days with my hands in many different areas of web development from back end programming PHP to front end engineering (HTML, CSS, and jQuery/Javascript), digital accessibility, user experience and visual design.I’m extremely passionate about web development and design.
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